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In Brief

The inspection; in brief…

If it’s convenient, I might show up a little early to give the exterior a first look.

We meet. Then go over the inspection agreement, sign it and collect fees. If a client has experience or has read and understands “The Agreement” we can get to the inspection in a just a few minuets. If not we’ll explain it in detail.

First we’ll inspect the exterior, including the roof and garage (attached or not)

Next we’ll take a look in the attic. I’ll go through it if it’s safe.

Next we’ll go through the upper bedrooms and bath. (2-story)

Next we’ll go through the first floor rooms ending in the kitchen and bath.

Finally we’ll enter the basement to check the foundation, furnace, plumbing and electric panel.

Many details have been left out but these are the basics.

Though we inspect a long list of components there are a few things that we don’t inspect. These include the following….

Exclusions-Pools, Hazardous materials, POWTS (mounds etc.), Underground Storage tanks, private wells, Solar Heating, Fire Sprinkler Systems,  Security Systems, and pest or insect infestation.

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